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Submitting issues

Check for existing issues first

Be it a bug report or a feature request, someone else might have already submitted it, so, please, start by searching for existing issues.

If you find an existing one, please vote for it with the thumbs up emoji (👍). Also, if you find that some info is missing for us, and you can provide it, do it as it might help to resolve it faster.

You can also influence the priorities if the impact on your project is high by telling us in the comments, but please avoid useless comments like “+1”, and make sure you stay constructive.

Bug reports

Please, before writing a report, make sure the bug has not been fixed in the latest version of refreshVersions.

In your report, provide the needed details to reproduce the issue, and not more than that.

However, if the doesn’t reproduce consistently, please report it anyway, and give as many details as you can for us to investigate.

If you know any workarounds, please mention them.

Finally, make sure you stay constructive in your report.

Feature requests

When submitting a feature request, please explain why you need the feature, what is your use case, and any context that might help understand it.

These are more important that your solution suggestion, even if ideas are always welcome.

If there’s an alternative to what you want, please show what it is.